Lab Trianing Programs

Amazing Puppy Program

Puppies must stay a minimum of 4 weeks.

Our Amazing Puppy Program is a great way to ensure your puppy has the best possible start to life. We cover socialization, crate training, beginning potty training, grooming exposure, travel desensitization, introduction to retrieving basics, and beginner obedience through shaping. We strongly recommend all Ridge View pups go through at least 4 weeks of the Amazing Puppy Program.

Extended Training Program

1-3 months of extended training depending on the desired proficiency of commands.
Price varies based on desired outcome, Please inquire

Our extended training program is for dogs and puppies that have completed the Amazing Puppy Program or have an equivalent understanding of the basic concepts that we cover in our program. In the extended training, we will teach more complex concepts to your dog or puppy depending on each family’s individual needs. The program encompasses housebreaking, advanced socialization, and advanced obedience with an emphasis on proofing of commands both in the home and in public.

Hunting Labrador Training

Started Gun Dog Program

For dogs and older puppies who have completed a satisfactory level of the extended training program or are equally proficient in obedience concepts. Dogs allowed in this program must also be evaluated for the required qualities of a strong retriever.

Price varies based on desired outcome, Please inquire

Dogs who show proficiency at retrieving and fieldwork will be permitted to enroll in this program after completion of the extended training program. This training will vary by the level of proficiency desired by the hunter-handler but generally encompasses force fetch, e-collar conditioning, gunfire exposure, retrieval of downed marks, obedience in the field, exposure to birds including live birds, water retrieval, learning to hunt downed marks through scent, and exposure to varying types of cover. We require a minimum of 3 months of training though the timeframe for full proficiency in these concepts varies from dog to dog.

DISCLAIMER: Ridgeview offers training packages for our own dogs only. Ridgeview does NOT train or certify our dogs as service dogs in any way. For service dog training and information please refer to one of our service dog organization partners.
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